Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

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Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India



The days of tedious manual work of grinding over mortar and pestle are gone, especially among Indian households, where one of the most prized possessions a home chef has is a mixer grinder. If you look into an Indian kitchen, you will notice that this appliance is one that is most carefully thought out and most mindfully selected.

Before selecting the ideal mixer, a deep consideration should be made as to which brand you will be picking. With more and more number of manufacturers coming into the market, it can be a daunting task to understand which brands can satisfy all your requirements and which one will give you the user experience you deserve. So to serve your purpose, we have come up with a list of the brand’s that we consider to be the best in the market. Get a detailed guide on best mixer grinder brands in India at BestDeal.Guide

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Preethi Mixer Grinder


When it comes to a mixer grinder, one of the most trusted names in the market is that of  Preethi. The numbers speak for themselves. It has a presence in over 10 million households and kitchens all over India and the world. This has enabled it to gain immense trust and popularity. In 1978, Preethi began as a small and humble mixer grinder manufacturer. Old and reputed, now it has grown exponentially to be known as a world renowned kitchen appliances enterprise. Other than mixer grinders, this company also makes auto cookers and warmers, electronic pressure cookers, induction cook tops,  and coffee makers.

This innovative and customer centric company claims to derive its inspiration from Indian families. We have noticed that every mixer grinder appliance on their catalogue is modern, efficient, easy to use and contemporary in its design and performance. With their superior quality products and their best in class after sales services, they are a great addition to your kitchen and subsequently, your life. Every year they come up with new and upgraded versions of appliances to keep up with the increasing demand and needs and to further improve the lives of families all across the globe.



Bajaj offers some absolutely best in class varieties of mixer grinders. Their appliances make the entire job of cooking very convenient. Especially when you are running short of time, these food blenders are perfect when you need to cook up a delicious quick meal for your family. Coming with a 30 minutes run time and a powerful motor ranging from 500-750 watts, Bajaj mixer grinders are ideal for indian households of all sizes.

It has been a trustworthy family name for a long time. Bajaj mixer grinders are well adapted to grind the toughest of spices with ease and simplicity and designed with due consideration of their purpose in an Indian kitchen.

Moreover, the product catalogue of this company features some of the most budget friendly and easy to use machines, especially keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian consumer. The jars and blades are made with highest quality stainless steel, and the appliances are as sturdy as they’re compact, with some model made for every type of kitchen.

The company makes some of the most rugged, user friendly, and safe appliances in the market. Depending upon the model, Bajaj mixer grinders also come with a 2 year or 5 year warranty period and excellent post sale customer services.



Founded only five years ago, Lifelong is the youngest brand to feature in our list. Within such a short period of time, this brand has built for itself a large trusted base of customers, and has so caught our eyes, that we had to include it in our article.

This company has a vision to create a range of appliances that enrich their customer’s lives and meet all their household requirements. Perhaps some of the most modern and innovative mixer grinders available in India can be found in their inventory. In such a short time, they have made their way into more than 10 lakh homes over India.

Lifelong mixer grinders are made with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind. They are omnipresent- online, as well as offline; in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms; in over 500 cities all over India, you will, without doubt find them everywhere. Millions of customers always choose Lifelong mixer grinders as they boast of the best appliances, made with top notch materials and skillful and ergonomic designs.

Lifelong mixer grinders promise to give you superior grinding performance, so without doubt, if you are looking to support a young, upcoming and fantastic Indian mixer grinder brand, Lifelong is your best bet.



We are no strangers to this company and this brand needs no introduction. We all have used at least some Philips products at some point in our lives. It is a world renowned brand for home appliances. Since its inception on May 15th, 1891 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it has secured its place in the world as one of the best brands for mixer grinders.

You can shut your eyes and buy any Philips products with a one hundred percent trust of knowing that your product is the best among its competitors. With Philips, you get an affordable mixer grinder at the best quality. They have the most budget friendly, long lasting, and efficient mixer grinders. They have a large team of after sales service staff so all your queries, needs and issues are extremely efficiently handled.

This brand has expanded into not only electronics, but also lighting as well as health care appliances. The Philips mixer grinders come with specially designed motors to give a best in class performance, and are extremely user friendly. In India, the brand Philips is so widely renowned that its name is only enough to make us buy the product, without even thinking about the specifications. 



Orient presents with a large range of mixer grinders which are designed especially to meet the standards of every home chef’s dream mixer grinder. They make all kinds of mixer grinders, from use for everyday purposes, to those for special occasions; from domestic, home cooking, to commercial restaurant and business cooking.

They have superior blades made with top notch technology to deliver results that are quick and efficient. The innovative and advanced motors are designed to produce less sound while giving the best performance at the same time. All their models are equipped with safety tools such as an overload protector.

The durable appliances are made with ABS thermopolymer plastic and their mixer grinders range from a wattage of 500 W to 750 Watts. They also boast of a control panel that gives you multiple speed options, ideal for when you are in a hurry. Orient began as a fan manufacturer and has experience of over 60 years in the industry.

Now it has become the world’s leading lifestyle electronics manufacturer, including appliances such as fans, lights, home appliances as well as switch gears. Orient Electricals Limited boasts of a supreme research and development team, which continues to survey the market and always comes up with the best possible solutions for all requirements.



Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch, is a German multinational company that works in engineering and technology development. It was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch was introduced in India in the year 1951.

As of today, the brand has over 20 manufacturing centres and 10 research and development sites in India. In our country, Bosch has had a sales revenue of 2.5 billion euros in the last few years. Made with the latest and most sophisticated technology, Bosch mixer grinders are the combination of good looks and performance.

The tag line for their mixer grinders resonates with every Indian – “Where Tradition meets Technology”. All Bosch mixer grinder appliances come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty period. Bosch is world renowned for sleek and stylish products with premier execution.

This German company has designed its mixer grinder blades in such a way that they are thick and hard, instead of the usual thin and sharp blades, in order to more closely resemble the traditional pounding effect. If you are looking to buy some high quality, innovative technology without making a compromise on the price, Bosch is a highly recommended brand to look into.


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